Ultimate Lipstick Collection
Ultimate Lipstick Collection

Ultimate Lipstick Collection

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Introducing our 10 piece Ultimate Lipstick Collection

 One-stroke, high-colour impact that sets for incredibly long-lasting wear, a liquid matte lipstick that has extremely luminous and pure colour, thanks to its transparent gelled system. The formulation is built with three key ingredients, an oil-gelling polymer that avoids water loss and promotes moisture retention while ensuring perfect adherence to the lips; an evanescent emollient oil that allows for a good playtime before evaporating without any oily residue; and a translucent gel matrix that allows pure pigments to be perfectly dispersed and shine. Easy to apply, it sets into a luminous matte coat that lasts without looking dull.


Polly Tea Rose 401 is a Pure, fresh, luminous shade that makes a subtle statement full.

Tallulah Dusty Rose 402 is a delicate take on a classic, no rose by any other name. Sophisticated and refined, it’s disarmingly seductive.

Daisy Deep Rose 403 is a shade of infinite depth that creates the perfect lip effect for the chic seductress. 

Sydney Brick Red 404 is a blend of terracotta and burnt sienna – the perfect choice

Rita Chilli Red 405 is Red hot, so handle with care.

Nina Berry Red 406 is a luxuriously decadent statement with its velvety finish and deepest of red tones.

Ameera Magenta 407 is a truly enigmatic shade that is simultaneously warm and cool with mauve-crimson undertones.

Anaïs Fuchsia 408 is a real show-stopping, head-turning pop of vibrant, unapologetic colour – vivid doesn’t do it justice.

Sara-Jane Lavender 409 is unmissable – off-the-spectrum fabulous, with deep purple undertones and lilac overtone.

Martha Pale Mauve 410 is a beautifully balanced variation on classic mauve that creates a sophisticated urban chic.

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