Recycling at MyBeautyBrand

Trying to consume more consciously? Recycle your MyBeautyBrand empties with Terracycle.

Looking after our planet is an increasingly trending topic with many an Instagram feed devoted to sustainable living, second-hand life and how to reduce our impact on the earth. Governments are also realising there is no planet B and that we all need to move in a greener direction. 

By 2030, all plastic packaging within the EU will need to be recyclable or reusable, as governments react to the crisis of plastic pollution in our environment and ecosystems. Reducing our waste is now a permanent shift, rather than a passing trend, and soon unrecyclable packaging will be going the way of microbeads and plastic cotton buds.

Now, recycling isn’t the most glamorous of subjects but it’s one that’s more than relevant to the beauty industry – one of the largest global producers of single use plastic. MyBeautyBrand takes its packaging very seriously, as you already know from the solid feel of the compacts in your hand, and how important functionality is with the mirrors and magnetic fastenings. But we also want your MyBeautyBrand products to end their lives as usefully as they spent it –  so for that reason we have teamed up with UK recycling experts, Terracycle, so that when you have used up your MyBeautyBrand product, you can send empties back to us, via this link - rather than throwing them the bin, so materials can be reincarnated into future products rather than contributing to landfill.

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