MyBeautyBrand Goes 100% Vegan

Vegan. We are here for it. 

It’s taken time and effort but we can now make it official, MyBeautyBrand is 100% VEGAN. 

For us this was about more than just making sure we aligned with the values that hold true to our customers. As a business that places innovation at the core we need to make sure we are always facing forward, and making sure our line and collaborations are all vegan is integral to that. 

We also ensure our products are free of parabens, silicons and mineral oils 


Our company uses Zero Waste Box™ by TerraCycle to recycle our packaging and what this essentially means is we collect your old products at our warehouse and send them back to TerraCycle, where even the unrecyclable gets recycled! The simplest thing in the world to achieve, all you need to do is follow this link to ensure the return of your products and you can enjoy a green conscience! 

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