Interview: 5 mins with Sofya Now United

MyBeautyBrand takes 5 minutes with Now United member Sofya. Now United are a global pop group with 18 band members, each representing nationalities from around the world.

The artistry palette created together has been inspired by Colors Speak, the international language of emotions and feelings Now United use to communicate with their dedicated fans around the world and we are so excited to be part of this global sensation. Get yours in our Black Friday exclusive 50% off discount here!


How long have you been singing for?

I was lucky to be born into a musical family, so I’ve sang my whole life, but I started taking my vocal lessons 4 years ago. 


How did you get into Now United?

I received an email asking if I wanted to audition for Now United, and after 6 months I was chosen to go to the boot camp in Los Angeles. We had a week of auditions and out of 40 people, 14 of us became part of Now United… and I was one of them! I’m very honoured to represent Russia in the group!


What’s it like being in Now United?

Being in Now United is not easy but it’s so much fun! We work a lot, we learn from each other and we grow together. This project is really unique and I’m very proud of who we’ve become!


How long have you been into makeup and beauty?

Actually, I have grown to love makeup quite recently. Thanks to Now United and thousands of different shoots and performances, I now consider myself a pretty good makeup artist. I think I do a good job putting on my own makeup and it’s also a fun routine now!


What drew you to MyBeautyBrand?

Actually, Now United introduced me to the brand and I am so grateful for the opportunity of being a part of the MyBeautyBrand family!


What are some of your favourite aspects of the palette?

I love the colour ‘AWE’.


Any tips and tricks for application?

I always put the lightest colour on first as a base, and then I use darker shades to add definition to my eyes.


Which shades are your favourite to wear together?

I love wearing ‘self-esteem’ and ‘respect’ together.


Do you have to apply an eyeshadow base before applying the shadows?

Usually I don’t use any base for eyeshadow because I don’t have that much time and I try to be as quick as possible.


Would you like to come out with more products?

Yes, I would love to come out with more products! I think it’s very cool!


How do you decide the beauty look you're going to create for a specific performance?

I love to co-ordinate the colours of my makeup with my outfits!


What's your desert island beauty product?  Something you must have, no matter what!

My desert island product is definitely lip gloss! You can always find it in my bag anywhere I go.


Who in the beauty world inspires you the most?

I always get inspired by @nikkitutorials @drianbautista and @jackieaina

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