Interview: 5 Mins with MUA Vlada Haggerty

MyBeautyBrand takes 5 minutes with our partner Vlada Haggerty. Vlada is a cosmetic artist based in Los Angeles, USA, who works in the field of beauty as a makeup artist, photographer and lip artist. Vlada continues to excite her 600k+ IG following with her intricate, artistic designs. Her popular lip art photography is now sold around the world. - Check out her IG feed @VLADAMUA.

We recently teamed up with Vlada to create our x MyBeautyBrand Red Liquid Lipstick Set. This set includes 3 of our much-loved red Intense Matte Liquid Lipsticks, hand-picked by Vlada.
We interviewed Vlada to find out about her industry journey and all her tips, tricks and makeup hacks... 
How did you get started in the beauty industry?

I started doing makeup professionally in 2009 when I was still living in Kyiv, Ukraine. I wend to makeup school to learn how to do my own makeup better and completely fell in love with the process after doing makeup on one of my friends. I decided to do makeup full time after I had to cancel a paid photoshoot for my office job. I quit that same day. The best decision I ever made!

Who are your beauty/photography inspirations?
I admire the photography of Desiree Mattsson, Lindsay Adler, Ben Hasset, Tina Eisen just to name a few!
How did you get into lip art?
It all started after I moved to Los Angeles in 2014. I didn’t know anyone and my husband was on tour most of the time. I had a lot of creativity, a camera and some studio lights and decided to try to do lip art on myself. It became such a therapeutic experience and people seemed to enjoy it as well. Now almost 7 years later I enjoy it even more!


How did you get into product photography? 
I love beautiful cosmetic products and wanted to capture them they way I see it. It’s so amazing that other people see beauty in my vision as well!
What drew you to MyBeautyBrand?

I love that the brand is cruelty-free and conscious about their environmental impact.

Why did you choose to create a red liquid lipstick set?
Red is my absolute favorite lip color and I wanted to share this love with everyone! The three different shades of red are suitable for all skin tones and are vegan. Rita Chili Red is literally my perfect red lipstick, both aesthetically and ethically.

What are some of your favourite aspects of the product?
The most important one is that these lipsticks are vegan! The formula is very smooth and hydrating. My lips get dry with some liquid lipstick formulas, but this one feels like nothing So comfortable to wear that I often forget I’m wearing it. It’s also very pigmented and flexible, which I appreciate for lip art.

Any tips or tricks for application?
Line your lips with your mouth closed to get your perfect lip shape. For a glossy finish apply the lipstick first, let it set completely, then add a thin coat of clear lip gloss.
Can these lipsticks be worn together?

Absolutely! I love pairing Rita Chili Red and Nina Berry Red to create ombre lip art for more volume.

Was it important to you that the products you released were vegan and cruelty-free? If so, why?
Yes, it was very important to me. I advocate for animal rights and have been vegan for 2 years. I want to make positive changes in the makeup community and show that we shouldn’t use animals as a commodity.
Do you have to wear a lipliner when wearing the red liquid lipsticks

Even though it’s not technically necessary (liquid lipsticks do not bleed), I still like to use a lip liner when applying liquid lipstick. It helps me build a better shape and use less product.

What are your top tips for learning how to create lip art?
Get a magnifying mirror, thin art brushes and liquid lipsticks. Be patient with yourself. I once said that I can’t paint things on lips and I’d rather use stickers. That was 5 years ago. Practice really does help. Nothing is ever perfect, but I think I can get pretty close now!
What are your top tips for taking care of your lips so they look their best?

Sleeping masks and exfoliation. I always sleep with a lip balm or a sleeping mask on my lips and gently exfoliate with Do Kiss Tell lip scrubbrush once or twice a week, especially before filming.

What do you like to do for fun, outside of creating incredible lip art and photography?
During quarantine I really got into house plants and now my house is turning into a little oasis. Who knew caring for greenery can be so soothing! When we have free time, my husband, our two dogs and I love going camping. It’s very important for me to unplug for a few days and recharge.


Check out our x Vlada Red Liquid Lipstick Set HERE!

Thank you Vlada for sharing your beauty tips & tricks with us! x

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