Interview: 5 mins with Heyoon Now United

MyBeautyBrand takes 5 minutes with Now United member Heyoon. Now United are a global pop group with 18 band members, each representing nationalities from around the world.



The artistry palette created together has been inspired by Colors Speak, the international language of emotions and feelings Now United use to communicate with their dedicated fans around the world and we are so excited to be part of this global sensation. Get yours in our Black Friday exclusive 50% off discount here!




How long have you been singing for?



I’ve always been singing, but got to sing for people since I joined Now United.






How did you get into Now United?



We went through a global audition that was held in LA 2017. Four people from each country were invited to the bootcamp audition and at the end of the week one person was chosen to represent their country. Now we’re here!






What’s it like being in Now United?



Crazy, constant party whilst getting to travel the world. Our energy together is something else, haha! I feel very lucky to be here! 






How long have you been into makeup and beauty? 



Since I was a little girl! I remember secretly trying my mom’s lipsticks when I was little and having so much fun.






What drew you to MyBeautyBrand?



I really liked the fact that MyBeautyBrand is actively connecting people through co-creation with global artists, so many different color options for different skin colors & cruelty free ingredients. Beauty is a big part of culture and it’s so cool to see people connecting through beauty and makeup.






What are some of your favourite aspects of the palette? 



The pigmentation!! It can be tricky to find a powdery eyeshadow that will show strong color on different skin tones . Also the fact that it’s cruelty free :)






Any tips and tricks for application?



I love using eye primer to prep and blending also changes everything… blend blend blend.






Which shades are your favourite to wear  together?



Joy & Thankful






Do you have to apply an eyeshadow base before applying the shadows?



Would say it’s a choice up to you, but it definitely helps get even better pigmentation and no clumps for me.






Would you like to come out with more products?



100%  - Beauty and makeup is a big part of culture so I want to get creative & share what I love! 






How do you decide the beauty look you're going to create for a specific






I think about the expression & image I want to create depending on the song and how I want to feel while performing, also love giving little twists to the looks using colorful eye shadows and nail stones and just have fun with it.






What's your desert island beauty product? Something you must have, no matter 






Lip balm, sunscreen, face roller! 






Who in the beauty world inspires you the most?



Pat McGrath, Patrick Ta, Hung Vanngo, Rihanna, Pony - list goes on and on.



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