How To: Life Changing Eyeliner Hacks with Jeannine


MyBeautyBrand have eyed up Jeannines bold artistry eye makeup looks and dramatic liner for years, so it was an easy decision to work together to launch Black Liquid Eyeliner in this limited-edition release.

For Jeannine to work with us it was essential that this product would set itself apart from what already existed on the market and allow her audience to recreate her looks at home. With the right products, we can all up our eyeliner game. 

“This eyeliner is so easy to use it works for the expert and the novice. Controlling how much product you are applying is the easiest thing in the world and this is often the issue with a lot of eyeliners. You don’t have to stretch or pull your eyelids to get the product on. It’s vegan and this was major for me, it also lasts for 12 hours and dries giving a matte sheen effect”.

This eyeliner feels as good as it looks and is jam packed with innovation; algae extract to boost collagen and hydrate, smooth and protect the eye area. Additionally, it's got kaolin clay known to soothe and renew the skin with each application. No skipping, no jumping just a clear carbon black stroke of perfection that won't smudge or budge. 

If you are an eyeliner enthusiast (expert or just starting out) you're going to want to lean in as we get to know Jeannine's secret eyeliner hacks.

Question time! 

What are your top tips and tricks for applying a winged liner/cat eye?

I like to sit closely to a mirror and rest my elbow on the table so I can focus on a steady hand! If the table is too high, I actually like to take a cushion and rest my elbow on it, works just as well! The key is to have a steady hand. I like to start with the outer wing by tracing a line first. To get the right angle you basically want to elongate your lower lash line. Once you have that line you connect it with your upper lash line and fill it in! 

Sometimes the tip of the felt tip brush can dry out a little when working on your eyeliner for a while, so I give it a shake and draw some strokes on the back of my hand which will activate your eyeliner again! 

 What other tools do you have nearby when perfecting a liner look?

To get the most perfect wing use a flat, angled eyeliner brush and some concealer and run it along the edges, this will make your wing even cleaner and sharper! 

You can also use pointed q-tips and micellar to clean up any imperfections, but I prefer the first method as it doesn’t wipe off any foundation / eye primer.

What the best tips for hooded, almond, downturned, or upturned eyeliner looks?

It is super important to keep your eye open when doing your eyeliner. You want to look straight into the mirror when working on your wing. Try it out, you‘re going to notice such a big difference! I used to do my eyeliner with my eye being closed and it looked perfect but once I opened my eye it looks all wonky and crooked so make sure you look straight into the mirror. 

If you want to use eyeshadow and a liquid liner in which order should you use them and any useful bits of advice?

Definitely apply your eyeshadow before you do your eyeliner, so you don‘t alter the colour and opacity of the product! If you do your liner first and decide to add some eyeshadow, make sure to apply another layer of eyeliner on top of it for the blackest black. If you want to use a liquid glitter eyeshadow, make sure you use that after finishing your eyeliner because you want to work with a flat surface to get a perfect and sharp line. Glitter eyeshadow has a grainy texture and can become flaky after a while and you don‘t want your liner to come off. 

How would you create the double liner, architectural liner look?

What I like to do to create the doubler liner is to take off the eyeliner cap and let it "dry out" for a few seconds, that way you can sketch out a line above your natural crease before you go all out and even mess up a little! Once you have it sketched out and your desired design you can simply trace the line and make it thicker! I always catch myself holding my breath when working on a graphic liner look which apparently also helps! 

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