Interview: 5 minutes with celebrity MUA Hannah Martin

Five minutes with Hannah Martin, our wonderful collaborator.

Find out more about the inspiration behind our two glamorous Holiday makeup edits, from celebrity makeup artist, Hannah Martin herself.

MyBB: What are your all-time favourite smokey eye looks?


HM: “Growing up, I was mesmerised by Catherine Zeta-Jones’s smokey eye looks. Her makeup artist made her eyes smoulder in a way I was desperate to emulate. I was also a huge fan of Kevyn Aucoin’s work and I maintain that no one has ever made Britney Spears look more beautiful! I’ve also had the pleasure of creating many a smokey eye backstage at fashion week, but I’ll never forget the ‘death eye’ I created at a test for a show with my friend Kai in New York - it was the darkest, smudgiest, smokey eye and I absolutely loved it” 

MyBB: And your favourite references for a classic red lip?

HM: "I don’t think I can think of a red lip without thinking of the Hollywood screen sirens Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe to name a few and maybe more recently Madonna and Gwen Stefani (who didn’t cry over a boy in Don’t Speak!) It's just such a statement, sexy, feminine look that looks incredible whether you’re in jeans and a T-shirt or an evening gown."

MyBB: What is your most commonly-asked question as a make-up artist and what do you answer?

HM: "I’m most commonly asked if makeup will stay in place all day. The answer is that you can make any makeup long-wearing but you can’t just put it on and hope for the best. Skin prep, the formulas you use, setting products and how you handle your face all contribute. To ensure your makeup stays in place as long as possible, prep your skin really well so it’s hydrated, as thirsty skin will drink makeup! Then apply many sheer layers of makeup to ensure it adheres to the skin and has time to set (thick layers are more likely to smudge). Choose long-wearing formulas developed to last. Tinted moisturisers and balms are beautiful but they won’t last.  Set your makeup with setting powder. You can always spritz with a face mist if you’re worried about the makeup looking too dry, but the act of using powder to seal base makeup works wonders. I always carry waterproof setting sprays."

What’s an item of make-up that people commonly misapply and how should you really do it?

"Any makeup can be misapplied, but I regularly see people in London apply concealer on public transport and essentially rub it straight off again. To get coverage from your concealer, tap or dab it into the skin rather than swipe or rub to ensure the product stays where you intend it and creates the coverage you desire. Lock your concealer in place with a light dusting of powder so it doesn’t crease or smudge."

What are your
favourite Holiday, wintery things?

"Gosh, I love everything about Holidays!! I love the party makeup, the decorations, the sparkles, the candles, the mulled wine, the chunky knits, the big coats, scarves and hats, family time, the food, the gift giving and receiving. I’m a total sun lover but winter is my most favourite time of the year, absolutely. My mum made the season so magical for my sister and I when we were children, so I hope I can create the same kind of magic for my kids."

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