Interview: 5 Mins with MUA Nikki DeRoest


MyBeautyBrand takes 5 minutes with global makeup-artist, educator and beauty expert Nikki DeRoest (you might also know her as our collaborator on the Color Changing Lip Oil) to hear more about her incredible journey in beauty with all her need-to-know insider tips, tricks and makeup hacks... 

How did you get started in the beauty industry?

I was born into beauty as my mother was a hairdresser and had her own salon, so from an infant I was hanging out in the beauty world. It was around 11 years old that I bought my first of many beauty books from artists such as Kevyn Aucoin and Bobbi Brown, and I knew without a doubt from that age that it was the industry that I was passionate about and wanted to be apart of. I started working in beauty when I was 18, and never looked back. I've been freelancing in Los Angeles the last 10 years, and fall more in love with the industry every day.

How would you like to see the beauty industry evolve?

New innovations, new ideas, surprising and delighting us with a fresh take on beauty. I feel like there are too many lines doing the same thing and trying to tick the box of what a beauty brand needs to "be" instead of creating something based on what is possible or dreamed of...

What drew you to MyBeautyBrand?

I like the idea of launching exclusive and creative innovations, working with different people and experts out in the world that have some light to share.

Was there a trend or a gap in the market that made you decide a Color Changing Lip Oil was what you were after?

I've traveled a lot in Asia the last two years, and always appreciate the endless supply of innovations - it's so inspiring. I'd heard of PH changing lip products in my travels but never with the right formula that also nourishes and feels incredible on the lips.

What inspired your campaign imagery?

I was a teenager in the late 90's and early 2000's and I feel like that was when makeup was more experimental and exciting.  I wanted to give a nod to that feeling and I feel like we created that joy!

What are some of your favourite aspects of the product?

I love that it is one shade that works for all skin tones. Sometimes makeup can be overwhelming, so keeping it simple is my philosophy. It's also exciting that it changes based on your PH, so it's so fun to discover for yourself.  On top of that, the Coconut and Vitamin E is a dream for the lips- so nourishing!

Any tips or tricks for application?

It's pretty straight forward!  If you want more pigment, play around with layering it more!

Should one prep lips for gloss?

If your lips are flakey, try to gently scrub your lips with a wet toothbrush before applying your lip oil to exfoliate any dry skin.

How do you recommend layering with a lipstick and lipliner? Should they both be matte or can they have a satin effect?

I always start my lip application with a lipliner to create an illusion of fuller lips.  You then can go straight to your oil.  If you want to apply lipstick, you can choose which way you want to put it on.  If you already have the oil on and layer a lipstick over the top, it will just sheer out your lipstick and mix beautifully with the oil.

Can this be worn with a mask? E.g. Can we set the product?  

The beauty of this oil is that it does keep your lips stained even after the oil has worn off.  I like to pop the oil in my pocket or purse to reapply a fresh coat after I take my mask off- also to keep the hydration levels up on my lips.  I haven't personally tried to set it with a powder because it is an oil, so if you are worried about your mask, apply it, blot off the top layer with a tissue so you can absorb some of the nutrients into your lips but wipe off any excess, and then reapply throughout the day.

Are there any ways to use this product in a multipurpose way? Eyegloss, highlighter?

Because it is a PH changing formula, wherever you apply it will have a sheer pink effect.  You could dab a small amount on the apples of your cheeks as a glossy, pink blush, but wouldn't recommend using it as a highlighter.  It also would be really cute as a pink eye gloss.

Thank you Nikki x


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