Interview: 5 mins with Nour Now United

MyBeautyBrand takes 5 minutes with Now United member Nour. Now United are a global pop group with 18 band members, each representing nationalities from around the world.

The artistry palette created together has been inspired by Colors Speak, the international language of emotions and feelings Now United use to communicate with their dedicated fans around the world and we are so excited to be part of this global sensation. Get yours in our Black Friday exclusive 50% off discount here!

 How long have you been singing for?

I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory of singing was probably me screaming my lungs out to all the high school musical songs at 5 years old.


How did you get into Now United?

Now United was searching for a member to represent the MENA region. I was just a normal university undergraduate with a passion for music amidst covid, when I received a direct message on Instagram from Now United proposing that I audition for the spot. The audition process consisted of a bunch of zoom calls, videos, singing, dancing, etc… where most of it was documented on YouTube. From more than a thousand people, a shortlist was made. Those on that list had to virtually audition against each other to get the spot. After several weeks, I was chosen!


What’s it like being in Now United?

Being part of such a diverse global pop group is such a unique experience. I have discovered a lot about numerous countries around the world: the culture, the food, the language spoken, the way of life, etc. What makes it even more special is that I'm able to learn about them through real life experiences in those various countries, not from a book or from the internet. I have also acquired valuable life skills like working hard, working as a team, operating under pressure, being independent, etc. Furthermore, I have made amazing memories all around the world with people who have become my family. 


How long have you been into makeup and beauty?

I have adored makeup since I was a little kid. I remember always spending time in my room doing crazy colourful makeup looks and showing them to my parents. I would do the darkest looks possible using black eyeshadow and pair it with black lips, and I would create the most colourful rainbow-colored looks as well. I’ve done it all as a kid. They weren’t that great of course, but I enjoyed expressing myself with art and colour. This is what makeup was for me growing up.


What drew you to MyBeautyBrand?

MyBeautyBrand is a cruelty-free and vegan brand that uses recyclable packaging. This is something I always look for in makeup brands. Not only this, but while collaborating with Now United on the Colors Speak eyeshadow palette, I have enjoyed incorporating the colourful shadows in my makeup looks because of how easy to blend and highly pigmented they are.


What are some of your favourite aspects of the palette?

My favourite aspect of the palette is the message behind it as it reflects the values that Now United try to uphold, such as respect, kindness, positivity, hope, thankfulness, etc. Not only this but the 12 eyeshadows are highly pigmented and incorporate both matte and shimmer shades that allow me to create very diverse makeup looks.


Any tips and tricks for application?

Use a flat brush or your finger when you want to get the most pigment out of the shadows. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colour combinations.


Which shades are your favourite to wear together?

My favourite shades together are love and inspiration. Inspiration on the lid, Love in the crease, and add some black liner – that’s my go to.


Do you have to apply an eyeshadow base before applying the shadows?

I sometimes apply some concealer on my lid to start with a blank canvas, but the eyeshadows are pigmented enough to be used without any base.


Would you like to come out with more products?

Of course! I would love it if we came out with lip glosses/lip oils since all of us use them. Or we could come out with colourful graphic liners to add to our eye looks!


How do you decide the beauty look you're going to create for a specific performance?

I usually decide based on the outfits we are wearing, or the vibe of the music video.


What's your desert island beauty product?  Something you must have, no matter what!

This is a hard one, but probably concealer or blush… I can’t pick!


Who in the beauty world inspires you the most?

Zendaya inspires me the most in the beauty world. I love how her eyebrows are always the moment, and her skin always looks so dewy and glowy. She regularly opts for neutral brown looks and changes it up sometimes as well, which is what I usually do.

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